April Club Colour - 'Queenie'

April Club Colour - 'Queenie'

So surprise surprise, I am late with this blog post. I had wanted to get it put up at the end of April but I went to the Knitters Frolic in Toronto last weekend and my brain was mush after. Talk about a yarn overload, there will be a separate blog post about this later in the week.

I am super excited about April's colour and I can see this colour making its way into our regular line up in the future. It is just so awesome.


How great are these golds and purples! This colour was a product of my need for spring. Here in Ottawa Spring has only now just arrived and my garden is slowly coming to life. I hope you all love this new colour as much as Chantal and I and please stop by the Ravelry chat thread and say hi. You can also check out all the progress pictures of 'Queenie' coming to life in our Spring KAL thread. I am loving how it is knitting up, looks much like a bouquet of crocuses; just what I had wanted.

(C)ncryan Photo from ncryan on Ravelry.

I am off to the dye pots again this weekend to play with some cashmere for the May colour, I am thinking tulips!

Stay tuned,


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