Alright so we're just past the midway point on our 2016 #RSBSYSPRINGKAL and here's the progress I've made on my two skein Easy Peazy shawl.  Barely two repeats in.  Did I think that I would be further along at this point?  Well yes, yes I did, but there's still time, right? Right guys?? 

To be honest, I ran into a a couple of minor snafu's early on in the shawl. The first time I knit this pattern I was SO nervous about that lace panel I was extra, extra, careful.  I counted every row and triple checked those yarn overs.  This time around, and totally cocky over my recent Foliage Lace Christening gown win, I missed yarn overs in the exact same spot on three separate rows IN THE SAME LACE PANEL! So ridiculous.  After a couple of hours of ripping back I was significantly less cocky.   

The second minor snafu happened when halfway through the second stockinette panel I realized I had forgotten one of the cardinal rules of knitting with hand dyed yarn: if you're using multiple skeins you had better alternate your yarn every two rows.  Do you guys want to know how I suddenly remembered this?  I was giving this advice to a friend who is working on the same project in the Peacock Strut colourway when I realized I wasn't doing that!  I debated about starting over but decided to try just adding the new ball on the next right side row to see if I could tell the difference.  Thankfully, these two balls are so close in colour that I can't tell at all.

I've been checking out the finished projects already being posted on our spring KAL thread on Ravelry and I'm kvelling over all of the gorgeousness.  The projects knit in our new spring club colourway, Queenie are giving me a serious case of castonitis which I've gotta fight for at least four more Easy Peazy pattern repeats.  If you guys haven't checked it out, definitely do.  If you haven't cast on as yet, there's still three whole weeks.   That's a pair of socks, easy! A two skein shawl if you're ambitious - or just really don't like sleep.

See you lovely folks next week!  

Love, Chantal. xoxo

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