Trips and WIP's

Trips and WIP's

I've spent the last few days wondering what today's blog post is going to be about.  To be honest, it's been a crazy, busy, weekend and my brain has taken on the consistency of chia seeds that have been soaking in liquid for about twenty minutes too long.  If you haven't experienced over-soaked chia seeds it's basically my way of saying my brain has gone to goo.  I did have a great time this weekend so not the gross goo but the good sort of goo, more like a chia pudding.

If you guys follow us on Instagram you probably know that Ashley came down to visit me in Toronto on Friday to watch the Blue Jays game (We won, GO JAYS!) and I went home to Ottawa with her on Saturday for my best friends, little sisters wedding.  Watching me pack for a trip to Ottawa is always sort of amusing, mostly because I wait until the last moment and then throw way more things than I absolutely need into a suitcase, a purse and one or more tote bags even though I'm usually only going away for a night or two.  For example, despite knowing for almost a year that I had a wedding to go to on Saturday, instead of electing to formulate a plan for my OOTD I opted for winging it.  I threw seven dresses into the car to Ottawa and decided whatever went over my head first and didn't require spanx was the option I was going to go with. This sort of worked except that I learned the hard way that outdoor/barn wedding and sparkly heels do not go well together.  Do my feet look swollen?  Yeah, thats 30 degrees in the blazing sun and enough horse flies to take down a large man.  I couldn't run away because my five inch heels kept sinking into the grass.


(Pretty sure Kenneth Cole didn't intend for this bag to look this way.)

My entertainment bag was packed pretty much the same way.  If you guys read my blog post about travelling with knitting, you'll remember I said I HATE making decisions.  When I'm travelling by car I don't even bother to try.  I abide by one general rule: PACK ALL THE THINGS.  This is legitimately the safest way of doing it.  If I have everything with me I stand zero chance of being unoccupied at any time.  Will I use all of it? LOL, don't be silly guys.  I'll probably pull out each of my three WIPS at various times over the ten hours I'm in the car to and from Ottawa, but the novel, colouring book, pencil crayons, writing journal and iPad are really just there to break my shoulder as I haul it around.

This time around I packed 'all the things' except for a 2.75mm needle for the cuff of my Flax Light sweater.  This sweater was supposed to go to Ottawa and stay there but instead, ended up making a round trip.  I absolutely love this teeny tiny little sweater but I'm pretty sure she's just mocking me now.  She's been on my needles since Feb and for some reason I just can't get'er done.  This was supposed to be my niece Paige's bday present in April. I have a strong suspicion, she's not going to get worn until Ashley decides it's time for number three (I've got my fingers crossed that there will be a number three).

I did make excellent progress on my two skein Bella Vista 2.0 shawl.  I arrived home today with only ten rows to go.  Those purl rows are starting to get pretty intense but every once in awhile I pause to admire how gorgeous she is and I decide it's totally worth it.  I also finally managed to cast on my mini skein Rose City Rollers!  I'm super excited for you guys to see these unfold. I'm going to use the Blender Sock pattern by Heather Sebastian and go wild with all of these colours.  I'm going to be posting tons of pictures on Instagram so if you're not following us yet, you definitely need to jump on that!  

Talk to you guys next week!  Ashley sent me home with a to do list I can't wait to tackle.  I want to tell you guys all about it so come back!!!

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