Auntie Chantal and the Little Horcruxes

Auntie Chantal and the Little Horcruxes

Hey guys welcome back!  

Guess who's on vacation this week! Yes, it is I, and I'm in Ottawa for the WHOLE week working on my stay at home auntie game.  My detractors will say that's not a real thing but you'll see.  I'm already crushing it too, even though the grilled cheese was just a little on the extra done side and I did fall for it when Mila told me she only has to eat half a sandwich.  She told me that the grilled cheese had too much cheese in it and I did, for a millisecond, wonder if she was adopted.  


Other than that, babysitting is going well.  The other day I showed the girls the #inmyfeelingschallenge and they now run around asking Keke if she loves them in a continuous unending cycle.  I think my brother is especially happy about that.   My whole body cringed when I heard him tell them, "I wish you would learn your exercise book the way you learn these songs."  I felt as though he had travelled back in time to when we were kids, plucked those words from my dad's mouth, returned to the present and said it to his kids.  I guess we really do become our parents eventually.  Reason 7,209,999 why I'm never having kids.  

I do acknowledge that 70% of the reasons I don't want to have kids are rooted in fear.  I'm pretty sure that I've spent the better part of the last two days anticipating every danger that could befall my little nieces while also being afraid of being a hover auntie who smothers their independence and creativity.  All of which has reinforced my belief that kids are really exactly like little horcruxes.  They are like teeny bits of your soul running around outside of your body and you either have hide them in caves and vaults or perpetually worry about them.  The fact that anybody from my generation has kids is baffling to me because J.K Rowling definitely warned us about trusting bits of our souls to things that can think and act for themselves.


I guess it's too late for her advice now and we're just going to have to keep Nagini 1 and 2.  They're currently playing princess dress up and the big one just told the little one, "When I say, 'May I have this dance?' you have to say, 'yes, you may'." Am I charmed? A thousand times, yes.  If I didn't genuinely believe that John and Ash would go crazy having me around on a more regular basis it wouldn't take a lot for me to want to move home so that I can have more of these moments.  For now, I guess the occasional visit will have to do.

That's it for me for this week!  I tried to convince Ashley on the merits of a podcast. I don't think I have her convinced.  If that's something you would be interested in leave a comment and let us know! I'll be back next week unless someone loses a limb or I lose a child over the next two days.  In that case, PEACE to you and yours FOREVER and happy knitting!!

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Hi Chantal, your two little Princess Horcruxes are adorable! I have two grandchildren who are either aging me rapidly or keeping me young depending on circumstances at any given moment. But would I trade for a life without kids…NEVER!!
You are the most wonder, giving, funny Auntie is ever! I hope one day a little one of your own has the privilege of calling you “mommy.” Enjoy your week, your brother is one lucky fellow. ( I’m sure he knows it,too)
Happy knitting, if you get a spare moment. 😉


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