Baby Knits!

Baby Knits!

Hey guys, how’s it going? Since the last time we spoke a lot has happened. I went and spent the day with knit stitch sew for their grand opening and had a blast. Knit stitch sew has a great space located all the way downtown in Kingston. The sun was shining on Princess street on Sunday and it looked as pretty as a picture; the perfect day for a stroll to take in the scenery. I love Kingston. It has all of the benefits of the city without feeling over crowded.  
I walked into knit stitch sew and the first thing I said was, “woah, it’s huge inside of here!” And truly it is. The store is super spacious with all sorts of tasty yarns to choose from but there’s still tons of space for you to just wander and hang out. Right in the centre of it all is a couch, some chairs and a coffee table and throughout the day, people would gather right there, take a load off and whip out their projects. It was great! I was super tempted to pull out my own project and join them but I was there to work after all. The store also houses an awesome sewing studio, that I only briefly was able to explore. I’m not worried though. I’m going to be back there in two weeks to deliver more yarn and I imagine there will quite a few more visits in my near future.
Two other things happened this weekend. One of my friends had a baby girl on Friday and another announced she’s having a baby boy in the fall. With all of this, I’ve had crazy baby brain for days now. Immediately, I fell back on my old favourites: Baby Vertebrae, stay on baby booties and mitts but a lot of great patterns have dropped since the last time I had to knit for a wee one. 
For example, the Beloved Bonnet by Tin Can Knits was released in May and I was obsessed! I was sure that I would immediately knit a dozen of them. I saved it in my Instagram collection and over a very short window of time, it got buried with all of the rest of the patterns that I’ve favourited.
One of the other designers that I absolutely love is Stephanie Lotven who designs super fun and playful patterns for kids. The Mrs. Clause Boxy Hats I knit the girls at Christmastime were designed by her and a couple of my other favourite patterns include Little Sock Arms, Solar Flare, and Drifted Snow. To be honest, the skein of yarn that I planned to use to knit a baby vertebrae for my friend T’s baby girl was almost cast on when I remembered that it would be perfect in Stephanie’s Urban Ballerina Shrug – for me.  
Another great find that was just released is this sweet cardi called Stella Eve by Gabrielle Danskknit. As soon as I saw it I fell in love. I definitely think this is the one I’m going to settle on for Baby Girl A. Would you believe that I missed the pattern sale by one day?! What to do. Ravelry is as deep a black hole as Pinterest. There’s no way not to miss something.
It’s completely impossible to keep up with the constant flow of patterns being released. I’ve had to force myself to stop buying them because, invariably, they get stuck in my library and never see the light of day. One of my all-time favourite patterns that has been in my library forever is Bloomsbury kids by Shetland Volkova. I love the pretty lace pattern down the sleeve and back of this sweater but I’ve never been able to cast it on. The same goes for Raindrops by Tin Can Knits. I loved both of these because they had the kid sized and grown up pattern available and I LOVE matching knits.
I think, I’m going to take this opportunity to explore a few new patterns. I’m not promising they’ll stick and I definitely can’t promise I’ll never knit another Baby Vertebrae or Aviator hat but I’m finally willing to explore something new. As always, I’ll let you know how it goes. Until then, PEACE to you and your fam and happy knitting!
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Hi Marcia! I’ve hyperlinked them all now! – except for the Stephanie Lotven patterns. I’ve hyperlinked her name so that you can see all the yummy stuff she has to offer.


Hey there, thanks for the usggestions. I too have babies to knit for so I appreciate it. I have a favour to ask. Any chance in future pposts you can hyperlink the patterns? And I ask this knowing you write these on the way to a full time job….:)

Marcia Parker

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