Back to Reality

Back to Reality

Aaaaand we're back!! Unfortunately.  I mean you guys saw the pictures right?  Ashley's parent's trailer was idyllic.  Beautiful lake, beautiful weather and awesome company. Even when it rained the sound surrounded us like it was singing us a lullaby.  It was definitely the kind of place that makes going back to the hum drum of a colour neutral office space Depressing. As. Hell. I mean, how much do I really need a day job?  

We spent the better part of our days alternating between playing with the kids, knitting, reading romance novels that I picked up as an impulse buy at Walmart and cycling these activities from inside the trailer to outside the trailer and the beach.  We also drank a tonne of cider and ate way more junk food than responsible adults probably should.  

Ash and I are really lucky for a lot of reasons.  The ones I'm immediately referring to are that we're sisters in laws but we're sisters in laws that have tons in common, we genuinely like each other and we're also super comfortable doing absolutely nothing around each other. You know what I mean.  Some company you can only keep if you're constantly doing something.  Ash and I are not like that.  We do things together, talk about pretty much anything and then fall into a very comfortable silence while occupying the same space.  You can have no idea how grateful I am for this.  I'm a huge fan of doing nothing and doing it as often as possible.  The hardest part is finding really good company to do nothing with.

In case you missed it, last Tuesday was Ash's 30TH birthday and we were lucky to get a break in the rain to have a proper celebration with cake and a campfire and the whole nine.  For me 30 really did feel like the marker into proper adulthood which was terrifying because I still eat Lucky Charms for breakfast and sleep with the light on after watching scary movies. I thought it would be cool to do a "check in" with Ash so that she could have something to look back at.  I had her answer a some questions about what 30 means to her and what the reasonably near future could look like.  Here's what we've got:

1) When you thought about turning 30 as a kid, what are the big differences between what you thought it would look like to what it is?

Haha I thought being 30 meant you were old and boring and did nothing but work. Now I feel like I have finally entered the right age bracket of my life. My twenties were fabulous and I loved all of it but I am so excited to finally tell people that I am 30! I think I feel like I have finally entered that awesome club that all my friends are part of - this is possibly because I am the baby of the group.

In reality it is a tonne of fun and I absolutely love it so far. I have a fabulous and funny husband and two wonderful little girls who make life so unpredictable and super fun. I love this not so tiny hobby business I have and yes I do work a lot but it is full of fun people. Lipstick fridays are the best.

2) What does the next ten years look like in an absolutely perfect and ideal world?

In the next 10 years I will be 40!! That is insane. My kids will be 15 and 13 and I am sure they will be stealing my makeup, shoes, and anything with sparkle. I will be extremely happy and enjoying life. I hope that by 40 I will be working a little less and possibly be enjoying a cottage that I will buy sometime in the future. I will still be a knitting and drinking red wine like its my main gig with my amazing sister in law by my side. (I'm totally down for this!)

3) Top things on your bucket list?

In a random order:
- travel to Europe
- own some land and have a few chickens
- return to Jamaica for my 10 year wedding anniversary
- become a well known and loved knit designer

4) If you can have one wish granted right now what would it be?

hmmm - I would love to have the financial support to work on our yarn studio full time and watch it blossom into a popular and successful hand dyed yarn company that can be found in stores all over the world.

There you have it!  Let's see what the future brings. At 40 I'll make sure we do this again and see what plans turned into reality and what the new plans are!

Check back next week.  I'm almost positive my Painting sweater will be all done and blocked and I want to tell you all about it!  In the meantime, PEACE to you and yours and happy knitting!

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