Ok so over the last year I've been OBSESSED with our Singleton yarn.  It started with the little Flax Light sweater by Tin Can Knits that I knitted for Paige last summer and it really just kept going from there.  Since then I've accumulated seven skeins of it for various projects on my ever evolving queue but since I'm a pretty slow knitter perpetually taking on new projects my Baridee shawl by Anthony Casalena has been the only thing I've been able to finish.  


(Paige in her Flax Light - knit in the Rad colourway)

This is mostly because Ashley gave me a firm deadline and an 'I mean business' Mommy stare.  Whatever other flaws I have, deadlines and I generally work well together.  Deadlines are finish lines.  They're something to work towards.  Without them I can procrastinate a project until something new and interesting comes along. It's a good thing I work well with deadlines because, as those of you who have had the pleasure of meeting Ash know, she's too sweet to really mean business.


Baridee was knit in our Garden Party and Grape Jelly colourways and as a testament to how much I LOVED this pattern, I didn't modify anything.  I decided to cast on this project on the car ride home from Ottawa and spent most of it hand winding my Grape Jelly ball.  Someone really needs to come up with a dashboard swift and ball winder.  Am I right?

Tip 1: On the eyelet panel I placed a safety pin after the eyelet row so that I could count the rows easily and prevent myself from throwing in an extra row by accident. 

Tip 2: If you're an experienced knitter you don't really need to place the stitch markers in Section 2, but if you're a newbie, make sure you have those 36 stitch markers on hand. I have a bad habit of skating over the 'Notions' sections on patterns and had to hustle to find all of my markers when I realised what was going on. 


One of my favourite things about the Singleton yarn is that you really get to see the structure of the stitches in the garment.  It really presents in a beautiful way.  I was determined to make you all fall in love with it and I finally had my chance with our JoJi Locatelli's Starting Point MKAL Kits.  We initially created ten kits and within a few hours of posting them in the shop we realised that we would have to start taking back orders.  Now I just have to figure out a way to get you all to post your FO's on Instagram and Ravelry!


If you're in the Southern California area, the Yarnover Truck is currently hosting Red Sock Blue Sock yarn and Baridee.  Check her out in person if you have the chance!

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