Welcome back everyone!! We are four days away from our Harlow KAL and I’m sooo excited.  I’ve got my yarn ready and I can’t wait to get started! I’ve watched the YouTube video’s, YF-SL1YO and BRKSL DEC are no longer intimidating and I think I can confidently say, ‘I’ve got this!”  More importantly, one of the lovely ladies on Instagram, Amanda Schwabe (@aknitica) posted a tutorial on fixing brioche knitting.  WE ARE SET MY FRIENDS! 

In case this is the first time you’re hearing about this Harlow KAL.   Ash decided it was time to step our knitting game and try brioche and since she didn’t want to do it alone she decided we should all do it together and if you do it with us you’ll be eligible for a prize at the end of it.  I’ve already heard a few things about this prize and I’m telling you, you’re going to want in on it.  The KAL will be run on our Facebook group and will take place between April 1stand June 15th.

In the meantime, I’ve been doing a little sock knitting.  I purchased Dawn Landix’s Lyne socks on the day she decided to donate all of the proceeds of sales to the New Zealand terrorist attacks.  It was a one day event and she raised 6K US!  I can’t lie, I really felt that.  This is really the true face of the knitting community I know.  There are so many good people here and we do such an amazing job of rallying and supporting things that are right and good.

Plus these socks are super cute so if you haven’t had a chance to pick them up, I definitely recommend.  I’m also going to tell you right now that the pattern calls for a long tail tubular cast on and, while following the video was easy enough to figure out how to do it, after the video was over, I was still like, “huh?”.  It was way too much work to watch the video to cast on all of the stitches so I gave up and did a standard long tail cast on.  It’s not quite as pretty but my feet don’t really care.

I’ve also been closely monitoring the countdown to frolic! 31 days people!! I’m particularly excited because, if you guys don’t remember, I had to miss our last show last year and it’s been SO LONG since we’ve all had a chance to hang out.  I know a few of my friends are coming down from Ottawa and I can’t wait to see them again in my end of the world.  To that end, I’ve been puttering around and cleaning my craft room and I’m proud to say that you can now see large parts of the floor area. I'm determined to have it done before everyone comes over on Frolic weekend.  If I pull it off, it will literally be the first time that anyone has ever seen my craft room in something less than a state of complete disarray.

That's it for me for this week!! The next time we speak we'll have some pictures of new hats in progress! Until then, PEACE to you and yours and happy knitting!! 

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How do I find out details about the Harlow KAL?

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