Free Downloadable Calendar: May 2020

Free Downloadable Calendar: May 2020

So May has arrived and I am happy to report that my little family and I are all doing well and making the most of this situation. I feel that we have to take this extra time together and be grateful. I know that this additional time with the kids can be trying at times but it is something I am so blessed to have. Had life continued as normal I would have missed so many laughs and cuddles. They will not be this young for long and soon I will be the one asking for hugs and for them to play with me. I am also enjoying this extra time with my husband, it has allowed us to have many great talks and to learn more about each other even after all these years. There is always a positive side and it helps to remember that in these trying times. 

May you and your family stay safe and remember that we are all in this together. Enjoy all the small moments and make lots of memories. Time is short and needs to be cherished. 


Happy making and talk again soon,

Ashley, xo

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