Welcome back everyone! I hope everyone had a chance to check out our mitten tutorial and download our March calendar!  I do have a bit of bad news from this weekend.  My cousin couldn’t make our photoshoot which means I still don’t have pictures of my Nurtured sweater for you guys.  Guess that’s what can happen when your model still has to ask her moms permission. That’s ok because ASHLEY is coming down this weekend and, worse comes to worse, I’ll make her model for me!

I am super excited for March break.  I haven’t seen my nieces since last month when I went down for the shortest visit ever and I can’t wait to get my cuddles in.  Yesterday, I woke up with the tiniest tickle in my throat and immediately after the first cough I made myself the biggest ginger lemon tea and I’ve been guzzling it since.  There’s no way I’m getting sick now. 

I know Ash is also looking forward to coming up for a visit as well since she’s finally going to get to cuddle our brand new baby cousin, Olivia, who is the most adorable baby girl ever. Or at least since the last time I said that.  Of course, since my cousin, Niska, gave birth all of the aunties, cousins and my grandmother have swung their heads towards me to ask when it’s going to be my turn.  My mom, who would love for me to have a baby but has generally stayed quiet on the topic, even sent me an article about how doctors have finally agreed that it’s perfectly normal to have a kid after 35. I’m like, can we please focus on the brand new addition to the family for a little while before we steal her moment?

I don’t want to have a kid. Well I do but I don’t want to take care of a kid.  I want to do the fun stuff like cuddling and playing dress up and I want someone else to do the hard stuff, like 3am feeds and dirty diapers and dealing with inconsolable tears.  My cousin is so concerned with getting parenting right right now that I cracked a joke about Olivia getting a belly button piercing in 15 years and it went straight over Niska’s head.  She’s one of our more laid back cousins, I have never been described as laid back, even in the best of cases.  I’m way too high strung to be anyone’s parent.  

Anyway, I haven’t been idle in the week since I’ve been away.  I cast on a new pair of mittens over the weekend.  I wasn’t hugely attached to the idea but I was under pressure to make a decision and mittens were the nearest thing at hand.  I decided to knit Stephanie Lotven’s Counterbalance mittens which are, surprising, a little more complicated than I thought they would be but they are definitely coming together nicely so I’m going to power through and when I’m finished I’ll give you my full assessment of the pattern.


Now that Environment Canada has finally said we’ve reached the final week of winter, my thoughts have returned to my Find Your Fade shawl. In fact, that was the project I had intended to cast on before the Counter Balance mittens.  The problem is yarn commitment.  Even though I have found my fade a dozen or more times I can’t seem to commit to the colours I want to wear forever.  The colours I chose in the fall are way cooler than I want for the spring.  Plus, thanks to Ashley, I now have new yarn that I’ve collected in the months since and now the process has to start all over again.  I’m definitely going to work on it though.  I need something fun to wear for the spring season. 

Ashley, on the other hand, has decided to try her hand at some brioche but since she doesn’t want to go down that hole by herself she’s decided to launch a KAL.  The KAL will take place on our Facebook group and the pattern she’s decided to knit is Andrea Mowry’s Harlow pattern so grab some yarn, head on over to Andrea’s rav page to purchase the pattern and come knit with us.  The KAL will run from April 1stto June 15thso there’s still lots of time to gear up. PSSST.... if you're thinking about participating in the KAL, you can use HarlowKAL to get 50% off of one skein of fingering weight yarn with the purchase of a second skein. Those who participate in the KAL will also be eligible for a prize to be drawn after the KAL closes.

That’s it for me for this week.  Hopefully next week you will have pictures of my Nurtured sweater and final Find Your Fade selection.  If not, at least I’ll have new pair of mittens to show you.  Until then, have a very safe and enjoyable March break, PEACE to you and yours and as always, happy knitting!

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