How to travel with knitting - Part 2

How to travel with knitting - Part 2

Welcome to the last day before vacation time! Lol, I can hear your collective “UGH!” from here. Am I going to be super smug and annoying all day today? Yes. Yes I am. I am going to torture my coworkers by saying “See you in two weeks!” and “Enjoy the cold! I’m going to be enjoying 35 degree weather while sipping on chai!” but no one will know the whole truth. While I’m super excited about my trip I also have reservations. I want to travel but I don’t want to be away. I want the excitement of something new but I also crave the peace of the familiar. I want to be with my friends but I both love and need my alone time. All of these things go to war with each other and the result is usually a knot of anxiety in my tummy and about ten kilos extra in my suitcase for all of the “just in cases” my imagination comes up with. Nonetheless, I know my trip is going to be a blast. I also know I’m going to love it a lot more when I come home.


(my first passport photo ever! ) 
This time I’m walking into my trip a lot more prepared then the last one. I’m not saying that there won’t be 3AM yarn winding but I’ve chosen my pattern and I’ve chosen the yarn and that’s two steps ahead of last week. My shortlist was Washed Out by Joji Locatelli, The Easy One by Joji Locatelli and Columbina by Ambah O’Brien… the final decision is….. (pause for dramatic effect) COLUMBINA by Ambah O’Brien!! Tentatively. Everything is subject to change guys. The real decision won’t be final until I board that plane and even then I’m sure India has a yarn store.
Speaking of boarding planes, this time around I’m not just winging it with my knitting needles the way I did for the last trip. The last trip I made the assumption knitting needles in my carry on would be fine and was sometimes unpleasantly surprised when I found myself at the mercy of an airport security agent. This time I deliberately checked every airline I’m flying with to verify if they have any restrictions. For this trip I’m flying with Turkish Airlines, IndiGo, Air India and Air Asia. All of them restrict scissors and sharp objects but only Turkish Airlines prohibits sewing kits. This made me pause. Knitting needles definitely qualify as sharp objects and nowhere that I could find says explicitly knitting needles are an exception to this rule or no they are not. As close as I could find was on Air India, which indicates that they have a code share arrangement with Air Canada on some flights from Canada and knitting needles are definitely allowed there. If you click here Canadian Air Transport Security Authority has an awesome search function where you can check to see if your item is prohibited. Interesting to note, scissors with blades smaller than 6cm are allowed on Canadian flights. So are sewing kits. I`m definitely not trying it though. 
I also poked around Google to see if anyone had made a note about travelling on flights in India with knitting needles. No one has but a few people have asked. My dilemma is now this: Do I wanna cause trouble in an airport trying to take them with me? The answer is a firm ‘no’ but I think I’m going to take one for the knitting team. I’m still going to try to bring my project and check my tools with the understanding that if someone complains about my needles I’ll surrender them without complaint. At least we`ll have a firm answer one in case anyone else is asking. So follow up with us after I get back and I’ll let you know how it goes. If it goes well I`m sure you`ll see pictures posted on Instagram. If not, I guess we`ll talk in two weeks. If you haven't had a chance to read my original post about my travels to Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines click here to take a look! 
That`s it for me for this week folks! Until we speak again PEACE to you and your family and happy knitting!
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Hi, I brought a small project on circular needles on a Air Transat flight from Ottawa to Cuba last week In my purse. But those economy seats are so tight, there was no way I could knit, let alone read a book. But it went through security both times fine. No questions.


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