Hey guys, 

My blog post this week is going to be (fairly) short.  At least that's my intention.  I really just wanted to take a sec to talk about the #knitterspayitforward movement that rolled out on social media last week, particularly on, but not limited to, Instagram.  

Guys, I loooooooove this stuff.  It really is my weakness.  I love being surprised by the ways we, as a community, embrace each other.  In complete honesty, I haven't found this kind of warmth in any other community outside of the fibre arts but I'm really really hoping it exists.  

Regardless, we're relying on you all to keep spreading the love.  Keep doing good for each other and keep talking about how you're doing good for each other.  I love your stories!!  You all inspire me!!  I'm sure Ashley and I aren't the only ones that feel that way.

We're going to do our part as well.  Keep an eye out.  We've got some plans and we're gonna need your help!

Lots of love,

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