Last Post Before Summer Vacation

Last Post Before Summer Vacation

Welcome back everyone! I am so sorry to have been away for the last couple of weeks!  The doctor’s appointments have picked up speed a little bit and I’m not going to lie, they have been taking everything out of me.  That’s not to say that I haven’t been working on blog posts for you.  I did start one a couple of weeks ago that I hoped to finish and post but it was a bit of a rant and the truth is that after the moment past, my frustration deflated like a balloon in 30 degree weather. Now it’s just kind of limp and dragging on the ground. 

I’m not going to delete it though.  It was about my frustration about the assumptions people make and some of the ableist bullshit that I’ve learned that people with head injuries have to contend with. Largely, I find that people who can’t see my injury assume that it just isn’t there, an idea reinforced if I happen to be anywhere looking like I’m enjoying myself. What nobody sees is the work it takes to enjoy myself or the ridiculous time it takes to recover afterwards. See, even now I’m getting riled up again but I’m going to leave it for now.  Ashley has decided that we need a little vakay and this is going to be the last time we speak for a few weeks while the store is closed so I think we should take a break on a positive note.

While I’ve been one exciting thing has happened: SCHOOL’S OUT! This is only relevant to me because it means some of my fave people are now available to hang out with me.  My fave sixteen year old came to spent a few days hanging out with me last week while she started summer school and I got to experience what it was like to wake a kid up for school, pack their lunch and send them off to have a good day.  I also got to experience what it was like to have a kid come home with their lunch uneaten. I can now empathize with my mom’s annoyance with me – I want to say as a kid but truthfully I got yelled at two days ago about some things that she made that recently died in my fridge. I guess kids are jerks no matter how old they get.

It also means that the knitting has sloooooowed.  Sloooooowed, not stopped though.  My Soot Bloom Tee is beside me as we speak and every once in a while I pick it up, knit a few rows until I’m distracted by something else and then I put it down again. My Find Your Fade shawl has also grown a bit but if I took a picture of it to show you, you wouldn’t be able to tell almost at all.  Chatting with Ashley this morning, she’s in a similar boat.  She recently cast on a Throwback Cardi by Andrea Mowry and it’s coming along reasonably well but she is also in ‘Finish the WIP’s’ mode which always slows down progress.  Isn’t it always the way that we cast on with excitement and then when the something new becomes something old it time seems to stop while we try to get it done?

In fairness I think the heat and the sun also slows the knitting.  As often as I’ve taken my knitting to the park, it has largely sat in my project bag beside me while I’ve closed my eyes and soaked up that vitamin D.  I guess the daydreaming in the sun is what has been making me turn my attention back to story writing.  It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything at all for myself beyond this blog, largely because screens can trigger both my headaches and eye pain. It’s a constant source of frustration that what I want to do and what I can do don’t always line up for me anymore.  I’m hoping that during our vacation I’ll make some strides in that direction.  I recently found a bunch of old project notes and I was as amused by them as I was charmed. I know Ashley will be at her dye pots and we’ve got shows to plan for so I guess we will have to see where we go.

As for you guys, I hope that you’ve all been enjoying the season and that you’ve all got lovely plans booked for the rest of it. As soon as the store is open again I will be back. I know that there are a few exciting things pending that is just a little too soon to disclose but as soon as I get the go ahead I am going to spill the proverbial tea like it’s everybody’s business.

That’s it for me for this week! We will talk soon! Have a happy summer everyone! Peace to you and yours and happy knitting!



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I’m so sorry to hear about your injury. I guess I’m a fairly new subscriber to your newsletter and i didn’t know. I enjoy your blogs so much. Thank you for keeping it real.


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