Hey guys!! How has everyone's week been? I have been keeping myself occupied but I have to admit that I have been getting a bit lonely cooped up in my house.  It was so nice having Ash down for a little while on the weekend even though we didn't get to hang out for nearly enough time.  It felt so strange sending her off to the Woodstock Fleece Festival without me but, like the good sister that she is, she sent pictures and even let me do a bit of virtual shopping. I asked her to visit ZigZagStitches for me and 13 pictures later, I found a new project bag.  In fairness, Ash knows how indecisive I am so she knew what she was getting into.  Hilariously, the one I eventually chose was tucked as far into the corner into a corner of one picture and it still caught my eye.  She also took all of my new FO's including Paige's new Anna's Summer Cardigan from last week's blog post to the festival so I felt like I was there at least in spirit.  

(Love is shopping for the housebound. Also the one I chose was that little white one in the top left with the mauve evergreens.) 

While she was down we naturally talked WIP's and project plans.  My living room is laid out like a yarn museum right now with yarn gathered in bunches all over the place.  Each bunch is a project that I eventually plan to get around knitting.  I have two Slow Curves shawls because I couldn't decide on warm or cool colours and my Find Your Fade shawl that I finally decided on in the beginning of September.  I also have the Green Tea Comfort Sock that I planned to knit Joji's Sparkle Cardigan and a bunch of random skeins for individual projects.  Even though I obviously know I can't knit them all at once and I can probably put them away now that those decisions have been made, I still can't bring myself to do it. I'm not going to lie, they're keeping me company right now.  

This one little skein has been tempting me quite a bit lately.  I've been in love with this colour for ages and ages and, somehow, I've only now gotten my hands on a skein of it in our sport weight.  I decided, just a little while ago, it's going to be a pair of mittens but I've been waiting to finish cleaning up my WIP's before I get started. I'm very close to finishing my Party Top pullover and Ash and I thought that  it's the perfect time to announce a KAL.  Since I could use the company and it's getting to about that time of the year when it's time for mittens and present giving we decided to have a mitten KAL.  The KAL will run from November 1, 2018 to November 30th, 2018.  Remember that blog post I did at the beginning of the year on how to line mittens?  Well I'm going to line my mittens so if you want to line yours as well we can do it together.  

I'm going to knit The Worlds Simplest Mittens by TinCanKnits because it is one of my favourites and because it's designed for any weight of yarn PLUS it's free.  You guys can feel free to use any mitten pattern with your Red Sock Blue Sock yarn.  Right now our Superwash Sport is on sale for $20 and our MCN sport is on sale for $26 until the end of October so you have a couple of weeks to gather your supplies if you would like to participate!  Click here to the Ravelry thread for the KAL and make sure you send lots of pictures! Again the KAL will end at 11:59 on November 30th and those who post a picture of their finished mittens on the thread will be entered into a draw for this sweet prize.  The winner will be chosen by a random number generator at noon on December 1st 2018.

Are you guys excited? I'm super excited! If you have any questions, shoot us an E mail or post them on the Rav thread (I'm sure you're not the only one asking).  Come back next week and I'll have some pattern inspiration for you guys if you're looking for options!  

Ashley just fell in love with Andrea Mowry's Nightshift shawl and she's chosen her yarn for it.  I absolutely love the yarn that she chose which includes some Red Sock Blue Sock Worsted and some yarn that she spun herself and has been languishing away while waiting for the perfect project.  This shawl has some beautiful mosaic detailing and has already been getting tons of love.  It's currently on sale until midnight on October 18th so hurry and grab your pattern!

Until we speak again PEACE to you and yours and happy knitting!!

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