Hey guys, welcome back! As promised, in preparation for our mitten KAL this week's blog post is all about MITTENS! Of course the first thing I did when I was planning this post was run to my Ravelry favourites to scope out the situation.  Do you know I have 60 mitten patterns saved in my favourites? Well I should say I had 60 patterns saved in my favourites at the planning stage of this post.  I'm up to 67 now because immediately after I checked my favourites I immediately checked what's hot right now on Rav and found even more gorgeousness.

While I was scoping out all of the pretty patterns in my favourites, I couldn't help but ask myself why, even though I knit at least four pairs of mittens a year, I hadn't scratched the surface of this list.  Out of all of these patterns I've knitted the following:

Hermione's Fingerless Mittens

The Worlds Simplest Mittens

The Log Cabin Mittens

The Antler Mittens

The bottom two I've knitted once each.  The top two I've knitted and knitted and knitted and it really kind of doesn't seem like I'm going to stop anytime soon.  I knit myself a pair of Hermione's Fingerless gloves almost every year and the worlds simplest mittens for everyone I need a gift for.

While I linked my fave bundle above and here so you can take a look I decided to choose the top ten currently inspiring my imagination right now and I'm hoping that by the end of this year I'll make an effort to knit at least one of them.

Tinsel Mitts by  Andrea Mowry (paid) - This is a DK pattern and I'm loving it because it converts from a fingerless mitt to a full mitten.

How Cold Is It? by  Drunk Girl Designs (paid) - I love it because this pattern speaks the absolute truth.

Counterbalance by Stephanie Lotven (paid) - I have loved this pattern for ages and I really think this one will be a strong contender for the next mitten pattern I knit.

Peace de Resistance by Bristol Ivy (paid) - I ACTUALLY STARTED THESE and then accidentally ripped my needle out and messed up my colour work and tucked it in the middle of the WIP bin where I don't have to think about how I'm going to fix them.

Puratoke by Sabine Kastner (paid) - I really don't know why these appeal to me.  I think they look like something out of a Sci - Fi movie and what's not to love about that.

Hypnosis mittens by Svetlana Gordon (paid) - The pictures are super cool and I can't help try to figure out how these are constructed.

Piitu mitts by Heidi Alander (FREE!) - This is a fingering weight pattern but there's also Autumnal Mitts by Jo Bangles which is a similar pattern, also free and a DK pattern.

Palmistry by  Stephanie Lotven (paid) - This pattern also comes in a DK and worsted weight version and Stephanie not only has a buy three get one free promo she also gives you the DK and Worsted versions free if you purchased the fingering weight pattern or her I See Stripes pattern.

Hampton Woods by Sandra Buzza (FREE) - I love the texture and the colour work on these and I'm definitely looking forward to trying them.

Vino by  Carissa Browning (FREE)- Uh, wine and warm hands? Throw me some chocolate and call me happy!


I've already got my yarn wound and ready for November 1st when we kick off our KAL.  I'm feeling pretty lonely over on the Ravelry thread and it's definitely looking like our beautiful prize is up for grabs to pretty much anyone right now.  

Remember that our Superwash Sport and MCN Sport are on sale until the end of October (NEXT WEDNESDAY) so head on over and get them while they're hot!

That's it for me for this week! Until we speak again, PEACE to you and yours and happy knitting!




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I’m new to the blog. What is the mitten KAL and how do I get involved ?


Lynn Lindsay

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