My Notions Kit

My Notions Kit

This is my notions box.  It's a little dented on the side and the paint on the edge is starting to chip but it's one of my favourite things and I have it on me almost 99% of the time.  I'm particularly proud of it for one reason: I have never managed to compact this much utility into such a small space.  It's also the reason that most people who know me check with me first when they need random tools that "normal" people don't always carry on them.  

I used to have a fancy notions kit that Ash bought for me ages ago. It was super pretty and unfolded into three separate flaps with all sorts of compartments and I loved it... until I dropped it and broke the snap and was too cheap to replace it.  This is actually a gift card holder.  I bought it from Shoppers Drug Mart for $1.99 because it was sparkly and Christmasy and I'm pretty sure it's the most effective two bucks that I've ever spent.  This box is about 11.5 * 9 * 1.5 cm all around and the stuff I managed to cram in there is pretty remarkable.  I unpacked it just to give you guys a rundown of the things I like to have on me and why.


1) a nail file - because a scraggly nail is an enemy to yarn

2) spare needles

3) two blunt tipped needles

4) a needle threader

5) my fave Deathly Hallows stitch markers

6) embroidery scissors

7) sewing needles

8) a balloon - this is awesome for tightening and loosening interchangeable needles

9) a harmony blessing that my mom gave me that I always like to keep nearby

10) cable needle - not my favourite one but the one that fits in the box so I make do.

11) waste yarn

12) my fave handmade stitch markers

13) my Coco stitch markers (because extra stitch markers are always a great idea)

14) a super small measuring tape

15) locking stitch markers - locking stitch markers are super versatile.  They can hold your place in your needle and mark a specific point in the body of your project.  If you only want to keep one type of stitch markers on you at all times, these are the ones to get.

Could I get away with a few less stitch markers?  Probably, but in fairness to me, this is was a slow accumulation.  I have stitch markers randomly thrown everywhere and in every purse and project bag.  Now when I find them I try to put them in my notions box.  In the past, I would lose all of them and then decide to make a fresh batch but I've got to the point where I can't possibly lose all of my stitch markers.  I have hundreds of them.

So now you've seen mine. Let's see yours.  Do you have any little extras that work especially well for you?  Tell us about them!

Before I go I wanted to give you a quick reminder that our sweater KAL kicks off tomorrow!!  I'm super excited. I wasn't sure what I was going to cast on; if I was going to cast on something for myself or a niece.  I've decided, my niece.  Mila is owed a sweater and I'm going to let you guys motivate me into getting it done! I've got the yarn ready to be wound and I'll be posting progress pictures along with Ash over the next few weeks!  If you haven't checked it out as yet, head over to the Ravelry group for all of the deets.  Ash is offering up some amazing prizes (including a subscription to our spring Sock club!) and apparently I'm not entitled to any of them!

That's it for me for this week! Until we speak again, PEACE to you and your fam! Hapy knitting!

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