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Hey guys,

How're you all doing?  A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that, in lieu of a knit list this year, I was possibly going to focus on hats and mittens to donate.  Well we're definitely doing that.  I have been tumbling the idea around in my head since then and poking around the internet to figure out where to donate, which you would have thought would be easy but it really wasn't.  Way too many options.  How do you choose a favourite cause?  There are so many great organizations doing amazing work out there.  I finally decided to go with Nellies, here in Toronto.  They do amazing work and it's an organization, that I, my friends and my colleagues have donated to in the past. Nellie's provides shelter, education and advocacy to women and children who have and are experiencing oppressions such as violence, poverty and homelessness.

My goal this year is to knit 40 finished objects - hats and mittens to donate and I would love to have your help.  The shelter is able to accept any size from new born to adult sized items and you are more than welcome to use anything in your stash.  

I'm sure you're going to see many progress shots through the year and I'm going to keep you guys posted on whatever patterns I'm using.  For now I'm focusing on these one's from my Ravelry favourites which, conveniently, are all free:

1) The World's Simplest Mittens - by Tincanknits (come on guys, you know how much I love these mittens! They're also great because you can use ANY WEIGHT OF YARN YOU WANT!!)

2) Baby Mitts - by Susan B. Anderson

3) Quick Ombré Hat - by Emily Dormier

4) Barley -  by Tincanknits

5) Mrs. Claus Boxy Hat - by Stephanie Lotven (because I had such a great time knitting them for my girls, I have to believe other girls will love them as well)

There's definitely going to be other patterns.  As we speak, I've had to improvise a hat for my new little nephew.  As soon as I'm sure that'll work out I'll be sure to post the deets for you all.

Now this isn't something you need to commit to now.  If you've got a lot of projects on the go right now but sometime later in the year you have wicked itch to cast on something quick and churn it out, remember us.  Also, if you can't knit but you would like to give, Nellie's provides this awesome list of things they're always looking for.  If you're in the GTA and have some of these items to give, leave us a message and we can try to arrange to pick it up.

I'm pretty new to this type of project so let's call this a learning year.  If you have questions that haven't been addressed, throw it out there and I'll get you an answer.

That's if for me this week guys!  Until we speak again, PEACE to you and your fam!  XOXO

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