Nurtured, an Update

Nurtured, an Update

Welcome back everyone.  I’ve been away for a couple of weeks and I apologize.  To be honest, February has just been an off month altogether which is pretty normal for me but throw in a few extra doctors probing my brain and my energy level has hit a level of depleted that I didn’t know existed. It’s ok because I checked the 10 day weather forecast and, not only is there a lot of positive temperature weather here in Brampton,  March 1st appeared on the bottom of that list.  Thank God.  I am deeply craving long days and sunshine on my face. 

This part of the year is always my favourite because you can see signs of everything just looking up. Yesterday, driving home, I glanced at the time, and felt immediately thrilled because it was 6:25 and the end of the sunset was still fading from the sky. And there is so much more to anticipate.  I guess that’s something that we get to have that people who live further south don’t get. Sure, they get warm weather all year long but they don’t get the joy of anticipation.  Plus, their days are short all year round.  That amount of sameness would not work for me.  I like the ebb and flow of the seasons.  I feel like it’s much easier to measure time that way.

So what have I been up to since we last spoke?  I have been plugging away at my Nurtured sweater and while I started out with pure love for it, my love has changed a bit.  I finished both sleeves and then started the body and while the sweater itself is still gorgeous, about four inches into the body I started having doubt about how well it’s going to look on my body.  That teeny tiny seed of doubt significantly slowed my progress.  In fact, after I finished the body I put it down for days.  My brain could not make sense of how the sleeve attachment was supposed to go and it just did not seem worth the effort to figure it out.  I picked it back up yesterday and attached the sleeves, quite literally for the sake of this blog post and now I’ve run into this problem: I don’t want the collar quite so high but I don’t know how changing the neck will affect the short rows along the back. 

I’ve also run into petty problems like, I’ve been alternating between two skeins of yarn to make sure that my sweater is properly blended and after I attached the sleeves my yarn is being alternated at the front of my sweater which I’m not happy about. I kind of want to stop alternating yarn so that I, at least, don’t have that adding to my frustration but I also don’t want to make a lame mistake like that at this point in the game.

So what am I going to do? To be honest, I have no idea.  Thinking about it hurts my head and my doc told me to lay off the painkillers.  It’s much easier to just let the next episode of the Umbrella Academy play on Netflix and not think about it at all. Actually, more than the Umbrella Academy, I am, next level, OBSESSED with the new Roswell TV show.  When I watched the original I was 18 and in university and Max absolutely stole my heart. I was very sceptical when I heard that they were reimagining the show, but the new Max may be even more of a heart thief than the original.  Between him and Liz, Alex and Michael, and Isobel and Noah, the motivation to stay is distracted is very, very high.  If you haven’t checked it out and don’t mind semi cheesy tv, absolutely get on that.

Now I don’t want you to think that I’m criticizing the Nurtured pattern itself.  Andrea Mowry is a crazy talented designer and this pattern is very well written.  If you need to have that reaffirmed, just ask one of the 446 people on Ravelry who have also knit this sweater with fantastic results.  My problem-solving ability is just not what it was and my patience has taken a blow but I’m holding onto hope that all will end well and that I’ll have a finished object that I both love and will love to wear.  I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.  I think I’m just gonna wing it.  I mean, what’s the worst that could happen, right?

Anyway, that’s it for me for this week.Until we speak again, PEACE to you and yours and as always, happy knitting!


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