Official Christmas Countdown!!

Official Christmas Countdown!!

I don't care what you guys say, it's Christmas Countdown time!!!! I gave you guys a whole five days into November before I threw the C word at you.  To be honest, Christmas has been on my brain since September.  I know this because that's when I broke out the Die Hard movies which is always my subconscious telling me I'm craving twinkly lights, crisp white snow and gift planning.  This morning in the car with my mother I googled how many working days until Christmas.  It's 35.  Less for me.  I'm taking a few extra "prep" days because why work when I can be at home with Pinterest, wrapping paper and hot glue guns?

(Gonna surprise you guys in a couple weeks when I unveil this Finished Object)

So now you guys know I'm one of those people. The ones who impatiently wait for October 31st to roll past so we're not judged for having the Christmas trees lit before Halloween is over and goes wild over the Hallmark Channel's Countdown to Christmas.  And then there's my favourite thing in the world: Christmas gift planning.  I LOVE planning my Christmas list.  Even on the years where I wasn't feeling the spirit and I had to force myself through the motions - and there were quite a few of them in the recent past - I could get through it with a gift list.  Nothing warms the deepest, darkest, cockles of my heart more than choosing the perfect gift for someone I care about.  It's like a drug and I'm a dealer who likes to sample their product.  I love the feeling of having been thought of and I love doling that feeling out far and wide.  Plus the great thing about a gift list is that you can start planning for Christmas as early as you want and no one will know so they can't judge you for thinking about Christmas at Labour Day.

two balls of pink yarn, heart shaped needles

(Progress on Paige's Christmas Cardigan!  Three inches more than I had this time last year.)

Because I love being crafty (and also, because I love any excuse to buy more craft supplies), every year usually includes a special gift that I slaved over to the point of anxiety.  There was the year I knit Conrad and Murray the week before Christmas; the year after that I handcrafted a years worth of Thank You cards for my dad - which he afterwards refused to give out in case I one day became famous and they became valuable.  I am not lying to you.  They're still in Ashley's basement.  And of course last years sweater debacle.  If you guys didn't hear about that, I decided to knit both nieces sweaters, two weeks before Christmas without taking the time to gauge swatch.  It was a disaster.


(Mila's Christmas cardigan plans, Worsted weight in our Fabulous colourway.  After this I'm refusing to knit pink sweaters.)

This year I'm on top of my game.  Either that or I've seriously over committed.  It's sort of hard to tell just yet.  I've got three planned projects I feel pretty secure that I can bang out and two I-hope-I-have-time-to-churn-these that I'm keeping to myself in case I really don't have time by December 25th.  I'm not too worried though.  After all the year has tons of gift giving opportunities.  Christmas is just my favourite.

That's all for me folks!! Until next week PEACE to you and your family and happy knitting!!


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OMG, I love that red and natural together. I think everyone gets christmas socks next year!!! I see candy cain socks with green heels and toes :). I am saying good riddens to my yarn diet!!!!

Gina LaPointe

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