Paige's So Faded Pintsized and My Simply Socks DK

Paige's So Faded Pintsized and My Simply Socks DK

Tonight's blog post is a short one.  During the week Ash sent me a bunch of pics of Paigey in her new So Faded Pint Sized sweater and I really really wanted to share them with you guys.


Isn't she the most adorable?? Honestly, this kid melts my heart.  Ash said she wouldn't take it off after their little photoshoot.  I'm pretty sure it could have been fifty shades of brown and she would have loved it just the same.  That's really just her temperament.  She's mischievous as all get out and has the energy of at least five three year olds but she has the warmest nature of any child I've ever met. 


Whenever I describe her to other people, I say that she walks through life as though she loves everyone and expecting that they love her too.  I make the assumption that it's because everyone in her little world really does love her and she them, she just assumes every new addition will follow the same pattern.  You have no idea how much I wish it would stay this way forever.


I could keep singing her praises but you guys would just say I'm biased and I'd just shake my head and say you just wait for one of her full body bear hugs and then you'll know the truth. 

If you didn't see our recent Instagram post, Ash has all of our most popular Gradient Kits on preorder. Click here to get yours. 


Also, look what I finished guys!!!  Didn't I tell you that I loved these socks? Don't they look fab???  I'm so excited that they're finished.  This pattern was perfect for my crazy weekday schedule and they knit up so quick that before I knew it I had a finished sock.  I felt so accomplished I temporarily forgot about the rest of my to do list.  

I have this cute little cheat to Kitchener Stitch the toe that I keep in my sewing kit that reads: 

SETUP (leave): P Front K back
Front: K off, P leave
Back: P off, K leave
Repeat the last two rows

Now this probably only makes sense if you've actually done Kitchener Stitch before.  The first time I had to try this I used the Purl Soho site as a reference point.  Whenever I don't have my little cheat on me, invariably, I return back to Purl Soho. Click here if you want to check it out or save it in your favourites.

What's next on my needles? Gee guys I'm glad you asked.  I just agreed to test knit for one of my fave designers and Paige chose the brightest pink yarn we carry for a new Christmas cardigan.  I've tried to cast it on twice now and botched it both times.  I really want to get it started though.  Last Christmas I decided to cast on sweaters for the girls two weeks before Christmas.  We all know how that turned out.  This year I'm trying to be a little more proactive.

That's it for me guys!  Until next week PEACE to you and your family and happy knitting!!

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