Welcome back everyone! How’s it going? Can you all believe that June starts this week? Even though I knew this going into the week it didn’t quite hit me until just now when I was speaking with my cousin and she said, “they need a response by the end of the month,” and my first thought was, yeah yeah, we’ve got lots of time and then I got off the phone and realised the end of the month is tomorrow. Well damn.

It then got me thinking about that adage that if May comes in like a lion it’ll go out like a lamb. I’ve been waiting for this lamb to show up all month but it kind of feels like we’ve had straight lion with all of the rain and cold that we’ve had.  I think I figured out the problem though.  I just looked it up and it turns out that adage is supposed to apply to March. I wish I could remember who it was that told me that so that I could go back and let them know that I’ve believed a lie for the last twenty years of my life. Now I'm trying to figure out what other lies I’ve been told.


In all fairness though, the Prince Edward County Fibre Festival was this weekend, and I really do believe that the weather did its best to accommodate us.  Friday and Sunday were truly beautiful days so the drive both ways, were extremely pleasant and even on Saturday mother nature seemed to say, “listen, it has to rain today but I’ll start sometime mid-morning and I’ll get it out of my system before you have to tear down at 4:30.” It seemed like a fair deal although I don’t know if the guys who were vending outside thought the same thing.

PEC was as it always is: a fabulously, well run, show with a great crowd and enough time for us to stop and chat while staying pretty busy.  I was able to meet up with a few friends like Karin Lewis from Pretty Strings who came up just to spend the day and Heather from Howling Hills who makes these truly adorable shawl cuffs.  My fave sis in law, surprised my mom and I with one after I didn’t get a chance to pick one after the Frolic and I totally love it.


Ash picked up not one but two new projects while we were out there.  Some Brooklyn Tweed from Rosehaven Yarn for a new Weekender since the one she knit in RSBSY has more or less become a permanent show sample and some gorgeous mohair from Riverside Studio which perfectly compliments our Cliffside colourway.  We love the ladies at Riverside Studio.  They have literally been beside us since our very first show at Almonte and have always been kind and supportive.  I was exceedingly tempted to pick up some mohair for myself but Ash came up with the idea so fast that I didn’t have time to commit.  I mean, I had at least an hour but I generally need four or five for any type of decision making.  It didn’t help that lodged in my head was the fact that I have two sweater WIP’s that I’ve barely touched in days. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had the attention span for my colourwork projects at all.

Even while we were together, Ash, my mom and I barely did any knitting on the weekend.  Part of it is definitely my fault though.  I said, “hey do you guys watch the Thrilling Tales of Sabrina?” and after that we marathoned through the first 6 episodes which were so engaging that we couldn’t knit and watch at the same time.  It didn’t help that the house we were staying in was so perfectly conducive for that kind of spookiness.  Don’t get me wrong, the house was gorgeous!  It was beautifully renovated and decorated in a modern, contemporary way but the narrow passageways, small doors and sloping bedroom ceilings were a constant reminder that the home was from a different era and probably had some stories to tell. During the day it was a cozy place to stay and, at night, an engaging mystery novel.  I freaking loved it.  I mean I was terrified out of my mind but it was that delicious terror that makes you want more, like spooky stories around a campfire or haunted walks in a cemetery kind of thing.  Other people might not think so though.  I have to admit to a wickedly over active imagination which I don’t apologize for even in the slightest.


Speaking of my overactive imagination, a couple of years ago I started a website for when I was dedicated to becoming a Full Time Romance Novelist and when I started taking on more and more classes that idea kind of fell by the way side.  Earlier this month, the host for my website kindly reminded me that I needed to renew my subscription and possibilities started winding through my head about what I can do and how I can incorporate that site into things I’m already doing. Remember I told you guys that I wrote a couple of short stories last year?  I was thinking it might be a place to post that kind of thing for anyone who wants to read it.  Particularly, things like the advent calendar that I wrote for Ashley and Ana last Christmas. It might also just be a place where I rant it out as the need arises. I still haven’t figured out all of the details as yet. One important detail being when I’m supposed to find the time for it.  Nonetheless, I decided to renew so it’s something in the works.  If you’re on Instagram, follow me at @ctalrunwild. If I get it off the ground in the next couple of weeks, I’ll probably post the details there, though I’m sure I’ll mention it in an RSBSY blog post as well.

That’s it for me for this week! I’m hoping that when you come back next week I’ll have some significant progress on my sweaters.  This weekend’s goal is to do nothing but sit on my mom’s couch and knit.  I’ll let you know how that works out for me.  Until then PEACE to you and yours and as always, happy knitting!

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