On Wednesday, She Rested

On Wednesday, She Rested

Rest.  My favourite four letter word.  Most people who know me would be pretty surprised at that considering my proclivity towards all of the other ones that are a little less polite.  

I've been rocketing around Ontario for the last month like the metaphoric bat out of hell and it has absolutely been taking a toll.  I'm not complaining at all because the rocketing around part is super fun and I wouldn't change it for the world.  What I really need is more hours in the day.  In my ideal life I get to rocket around all day and the come home to Netflix and whatever fun craft project I'm currently working on and then go to sleep for a full eight hours, wake up and do it all again.  Instead, I wake up spend 10 hours going to, working and returning from my day job, rocket around for a few hours and sleep for around six hours.  If I'm lucky I get to craft in fifteen minute increments.  

(Toronto on Monday June 25th, 2018 on my way home from school)

My desire for extra hours in a day is not unique but have you actually sat down to calculate how many extra hours you would need to live your best life?  On Monday I did.  To be quite honest, it's 10 hours a day, five days a week and I'm in slow negotiations to make it happen.  In the meantime, I would settle for an extra three a day - day light hours during normal business days when you don't have to rush around to get things done inside of everyone else's business day.

Three hours a day would mean at least two extra yoga classes a week, soooo much knitting and even an extra hour of sleep.  When I look at this list of things I could do, it worries me just a little that these are elements of self care that probably need more of a priority. Do you ever notice that self care is usually the negotiable part of our lives?  Most people probably think this is normal but I strongly suspect that they would feel differently if I started skipping my shower routine.

(multi-tasking means photo editing and getting crawled all over by these two monkeys.  My hair is a direct result of Mila using it as an anchor to crawl onto my shoulder where she's perched. No, she's not sitting on the chair.  She's sitting on my shoulder.)

Over the last two years, I've thought about self care a lot.  Prior to this, not at all, which is probably why I thought anxiety was a perfectly normal thing to have.  Lucky for me, conversations about self care are happening more and more frequently and in louder spaces for more people to hear, so I'm hoping that we can start shifting our priorities around a little bit.  

Today I caved. I decided to work from home.  This means that instead of waking up at 5am (after going to bed at 2am from doing homework all night) I woke up a little later.  I'm not wearing pants or a bra, even as I write this. I made a cup of tea and I'm sitting cross legged on my couch.  I've got my work laptop ready to go for when I have to get started and I've got my knitting beside me until then.  My mom just stopped by and delivered flowers for no reason and I took a few minutes to cut them and arrange them in a vase. My house is quiet and for now I get to be still.

For those of you who read my blog on Baby Knits a couple of weeks ago I FINALLY made that decision.  I've decided to knit the Raindrops pullover by Tincanknits in our Comfort Sock.  It's already charming my soul and as I have only a few short weeks to knit it, I'm hoping I'm going to have time to churn.  This Saturday is looking promising. There's nothing planned so I'm knitting. Maybe a little yoga and Netflix.

That's it for me for this week!  Until we talk again take care of you and of each other.  Wishing you nothing but peace, love, and happiness. xo.



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Glad you’re finding even a small amount of time for yourself.

Sherry Brown

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