RSBSY Co: Wednesday Wanderings | Weekly post about the studio and home

RSBSY Co: Wednesday Wanderings | Weekly post about the studio and home

Hello everyone, I wanted to pop on to the blog to chat a bit about what’s going on this month and post a few reminders and updates

March Madness Schedule:

11th - March club colours will be shipped (final month for our First Quarter)

13th - First Quarter Sweater pre-orders close (these will be dyed the first two weeks of April and sent out as soon as they are dry - thank you all fro you support on this new business practice)

14th -21st - RSBSY is on vacation. All orders placed and emails received during this will be handled the week after. Edited to add that we are no longer travelling to Florida but will be laying low at home and playing with all the yarn :)

23-26th - Inventory and updates to shop will be handled sporadically as I count and take pics of all the new goodies.

28th - RSBSY will be hosting a Facebook Event and hopefully doing some live posts (I am going to try my best to figure out the tech side before hand) and we will have participation prizes, discounts, goodies and more. 


30th - rest day and make plans for April

New in the shop:

- Big cozy is on sale

- limited edition 100% silk has been added

- Second Quarter Sock Club signups are still open - Will close April 5th.

- 2nd Quarter Sweater Pre-orders will launch during our facebook event on March 28th

Okay so march has been a bit hectic but I am loving the amount of feedback and comments from you all that we are getting on social media. I am just so happy to be a part of this community and I am excited to see what the rest of the year has to bring. Thank you all for a great first quarter!

Love you and happy making,


Wash you hands! 

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