RSBSY Summer Break

RSBSY Summer Break

Hey all!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far!  Ash and I made the executive decision to take the summer off... well sort of off.  More of a slow down.  After the Toronto Knitters Frolic and the Prince Edward County Fibre Fest we were both pretty ready for a nap and Ash still had a trunk show for the Yarnover Truck in Southern California to prepare for. We were both super excited about that.  I briefly toyed with the idea of having Ash box me up and ship me out there with the yarn.  Apparently there's rules about that sort of thing though, so that fell apart pretty quickly. 

After these major 'to-do's' we decided to take a slow down, enjoy the summer, and get back to show season swinging in the fall. It was pretty funny, after the decision was made we both started compiling massive knit lists and all of the things we were going to accomplish with all of our 'spare time'.  My list went something like this:

1) Painting - Katrin Schneider

2) So Faded Pint Sized - Andrea Mowry

3) Yuri - Junko Okamoto

4) Granito - Joji Locatelli

Since then the Wonder Woman Wrap by Carissa Browning has also been added to that list.  Guess how far I am so far on that list?  If you guessed that the body of my Painting sweater  isn't yet finished, you guessed right.  I'm not worried.  Still lots of time to go.  Right?  

If not, that ok too.  If I've learned anything about knit lists is that they're constantly under revision. There will always be beautiful patterns to knit and it's better to just ride the wave and not get too attached.  Feel free to comment what you're working on this summer and make sure you tag us on your social media if you're using #redsockbluesockyarn!

Happy Summer everyone.  We'll talk again soon!

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