Soldotna - An Update Part 1

Soldotna - An Update Part 1

Welcome back everyone! How is everyone doing? I’m not going to lie guys, I have been better. My dad has been gone for a week and I have come to the conclusion that I was not made to adult.  It’s been a crazy week and my house is basically an explosion of yarn, balloons, craft supplies and Easter treats.  I’ve decided that I really am like a cat.  I can generally get by on my own but someone definitely needs to check to make sure that I’m getting enough food and especially water, if possible clean the bathroom and while they’re at it, could someone please put the laundry away? The other day I looked my bougainvillea plant that had shed its blossoms all over the floor and legitimately thought, “huh, I forgot that did that.”

Now if you’re thinking, “damn, she’s spoiled.” Yes.  Yes, I am. My dad likes things exactly the way he likes it and 37 years together has taught us that things work a lot more smoothly if we both stay in our respective lanes.  Staying out of his way is basically why I’m definitely in the top 10 of his favourite people.  If you guys are thinking that that should be a given, it’s not.  I’m not even assuming I’m in the top five because after his grandkids, his parents and his two sisters, there is definitely not room for me.  Truthfully, I think one of those sisters and I swap places on the list depending on which one of us is annoying him more but the other sister is pretty firmly situated.


The reward for letting him run the show around here is that I don’t have to divide my craft time and my recovery from craft time with chores that really never seem to be finished.  I’ve now hit that point where I would prefer to donate everything to charity than tidy it up for the umpteenth time.

So what’s been keeping me busy?  The usual doctor’s appointments and life stuff but I also had the chance to decorate for my friend’s baby shower which was both exciting and stressful.  In the middle of all of that crazy I have been making time for my Soldotna crop.  I really love this pattern and I’ve been trying to work on my two handed colourwork with mixed results.  I’m kind of worried that my stranding is a bit tight but right now it’s too early to tell. I’ve also managed to make it into the third colour which I thought would be a great place for this Chartreuse. Now that I see, I’m starting to wonder if I liked this colour palette more in theory than in practice.  The result is that I pulled out all of the yarn (part of the reason for the chaos) to try to see if there was something that I liked more and I’m kind of leaning towards this this pretty blue one which was part of our first quarter club.


I think I have decided that I want to change it but the idea of tearing back is daunting.  I’ve already made two mistakes on this sweater. The first was knitting the short rows stitches for the wrong pattern size only on one side so that my short rows are four stitches off centre and the second was changing my colour work round mid-round and not realizing it for two more rounds.  I’m also at that awkward spot where I have just a little too many stitches to magic loop and not quite enough to knit in the round.  

I’m at a point in time where I don’t have any pressing deadlines so I can definitely sit and knit if I want to but if I do other things that I probably should be doing will definitely be overlooked.  I still haven’t updated the Etsy store as yet and I really wanted to do it today but I also have quite a bit of sewing to do for mother’s day.  I still haven’t bought the serger that I wanted mostly because the idea of spending $400 on a new piece of equipment is seriously intimidating and I always feel the need to read as many reviews as possible and price match half a dozen places before I can make a decision. I also need to choose new business cards but earlier today my cousin said “vision boards” and I said, “yes, that is absolutely something we should do instead of doing the things we are supposed to do to get us further in our goals.”  What to do? I would say that I suppose one day I’ll get my priorities in line but really all evidence is with the contrary.


I’m going to give myself this weekend, which is our first not horribly busy weekend in a month and then afterwards I will give myself that kick in the pants that I need to get back into the full swing of things.  The Prince Edward County Fibre Fest is creeping up quickly but I don’t feel as much pressure for this show as I did for Frolic.  I don’t know if I can say the same for Ashley though.  Give me a couple of weeks and I’ll let you know if anything changes.

That’s it for me for this week!  I decided to clean the fridge mid blog post and then got distracted by the time so I need to go and finish that task.  Does anyone know a legitimate reason why a grown woman would have four different flavours of pudding snack packs in her fridge?  Until we speak again, PEACE to you and yours and as always happy knitting!

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