Soldotna - One Down, One to Go

Soldotna - One Down, One to Go

Welcome back everyone! How’s it going? I have been keeping reasonably busy over this last week. Mostly because I picked up a new craft which entertained me for a full two days before I packed it away and didn’t look back.  After admiring it for many many years, I decided to try my hand at paper quilling which is crazy amounts of fun.  It took me back to my high school days when I used to randomly roll up strips of paper just to see how tight I could make the spiral.  Of course, someone took that idle habit and turned it into beautiful artwork. 

The first time I saw it done was on a beautifully crafted card in Papyrus and every single time I’ve seen it done since, I’ve been intrigued, wondering if I could make that. After watching a bunch of video’s last week I finally caved and bought some supplies and tried my hand at it.  I made these super cute flowers which my mom immediately claimed. Not knowing what she would do with them I glued some magnets on the back which she immediately put on her fridge.  As soon as I saw them I laughed and thought, wow moms really will put your art on their fridge no matter how old you get.


After that I put all of the quilling supplies in a box and haven’t gone back to them.  In fairness, the real world has been keeping me busy. Between dealing with doctors appointments, doctors cancelling appointments and insurance companies, I am both tired and more than a little stressed out.  Luckily for me, it means I’ve been stress knitting quite a bit over the last week.  I’ve finally finished the colourwork section on my Annie Haas Test knit and I’ve separated my sleeves! I’m sooo thrilled!  Never mind that I just realised today that this month coincides with both a baby shower and a new arrival and I haven’t even begun to think about baby knits for them.  I’m already dying to start digging into the stash to see what’s there!

If you guys have been around for awhile, you all know that my fave go to is the baby vertebrae sweater. It’s such a quick knit and they’re always so cute that it’s hard for me not to immediately jump on it.  In truth, even the random times where I’ve deviated and knit something else, I’ve quickly decided to just whip up a quick baby vertebrae just to add on to the gift.  One of my friends has already said she’s fearful of getting too much clothes so I definitely don’t want to do that to her.  I know for a fact that she will love to get a hand knit gift but I also know that I’m probably not the only one on her guest list that’s going to want to either make her something or find a cute little onesie that they found irresistible at the store.  I definitely have had that happen to me on multiple occasions while shopping for other people.  I even have a small collection of baby clothes for my own babies that I do not have and may very likely never have.  Part of it is my fault, most of it is my mom’s fault.


In other knit news, Ash finished her Soldotna crop for Ms. Mila and it was a huge hit! So much so that it got worn to school this morning!  Whoever said that you can’t mix patterns clearly did not envision this super trendy outfit!  Look at that model pose! That sass!  I’m not going to lie, I am absolutely saving this picture for her wedding reel.  I’m also seriously wondering where these kids learn to pose like this? I am absolutely gonna love to see how my bro deals with this in another five years.  I think I want to move back to Ottawa for the teenaged years just to watch my brother chase these two around.  That will legitimately be knee slapping comedy.  Ash knit it this Soldotna with our MCN sport and some fingering lefties that she held double.  Mila usually wears a size six and Ash knit this in the XS size with the recommended needle size.  Word of caution though, both Ash and have a tight gauge and we normally have to go up a needle size to match the rest of the world.

In the last bit of knit news, these beauties below are currently on sale for $78.  These were our first club colours of the year and, in this rare circumstance, Ash dyed a few extras skeins just for fun.  This is totally not something that normally happens so if you haven't signed up for the next round of the club jump on it soon! Cut off is July 4th which is just a few weeks away!


So Ash is done her Soldotna. Mine is still pending.  She is casting on a new Elton cardi by Joji Locatelli and I am definitely casting on some baby knits very very shortly.  These things being said, you should definitely come back next week to see how things are going. Until then, PEACE to you and yours and, as always, happy knitting!


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