Soot Bloom Tee Update

Soot Bloom Tee Update

Welcome back everyone!! First of all, I want everyone to know that I am not in panic mode.  I’ve done some math and I am so woefully behind that panicking is futile.  Panic should be reserved when there is some chance of meeting your goals and there is no chance at this point. My bestfriends’ husband and son both had milestone birthdays this weekend and I was in Ottawa to help celebrate it with them.   Her brother in law was super generous and hired a two man live band and, even though they were pretty good, I’m still feeling the after effects of it even though I was only there for about 30 minutes of band time.  The highlight for me was definitely my nephews performing Baby Shark.  I don’t understand why I find Baby Shark so charming but I’m pretty sure the reason is tied to why it’s so popular everywhere.  In fact, if you haven’t seen Céline Dion perform it on Carpool Karaoke, you’re seriously missing out and you should Google that straight away.

That’s aside from my actual point though, which is that I’m still recovering from the weekend and it has definitely slowed my sewing progress down.  My priority now is to lie so low for the next three days that I’m raring to go for Prince Edward County which I’m already starting to get super excited for. The PEC Fibre Fest is such a great show. There isn’t quite as much chaos as Frolic and the whole vibe is super chilled out.  There is always great vendors and the food out there is fabulous.  I’m still salivating over the jasmine donut holes we had out there the first year.  Not to mention, just the other day they announced on Instagram the Prince Eddy’s Brewing Co and the Black Prince Winery are going to be there.  That’s all of my fave things in one place: my fave ladies, yarn, knitting, food and wine all while relaxing at a cottage. 

Just the other day my mom asked me what I would do if I won the lottery and I think the answer is I would move out to Prince Edward County, which is kind of a sweet spot between Ottawa and Toronto, and I would just live out the rest of my days in quiet peace. Except for when I winter in every tropical country under the sun so I never have to endure another Canadian winter ever again.

In knitting related news I’ve been plugging away at my test knit for Annie Haas and I’m so so so grateful to say that I’m two rows away from the end of the colourwork section.  I have made so many mistakes on this girl that I’m ready for some straight stockinette. I’m pretty sure I’ve redone 50% of the colour work rows at least twice and some of them, three times.  Rather than fueling it, this short wave of colourwork knits has satisfied all of my desire for colourwork for the time being. I think this is the first time I’ve done colourwork that required me to handle more than two colours at a time and that part actually wasn’t so bad but focusing on my tension and handling the yarn meant that I didn’t have much attention left to make sure that I was following the chart perfectly.  Just to make sure I put it out there, Annie’s pattern is great, all of my difficulties so far are strictly user related.  This colour work would probably not be demanding at all for any one who has a little more experience than I do.

I do love this colour combo though.  These three colours go so well together but I do wish I had chosen a variegated that had more of a contrast. This one is a little to similar to the other two yarns but I can’t regret it because it’s one of my favourite colourways that we carry.  Last weekend, I briefly wondered how possible it was to bang this out so that I could wear it to PEC but that is optimistic in the extreme but she will definitely be there in person for your viewing pleasure! 

That's it for me for this week! Come back next week.  I've been ruminating on something for awhile now and I'm hoping I'm going to be ready to announce it by then.  Until we speak again, PEACE to you and yours and as always, happy knitting!

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