Soot Bloom - the Real Sleeve Separation

Soot Bloom - the Real Sleeve Separation

Welcome back guys! I have a hilarious story to tell you.  Remember last week when I excitedly told you that I had separated my sleeves for me new Soot Bloom tee.  Yeah, that didn’t go exactly as planned.

I did separate the sleeves and after knitting a few rounds things didn’t seem quite right.  Largely, I couldn’t figure out what part of my body it was supposed to fit.  It was definitely going over my head but definitely not my boobs.  After knitting a few rounds alternating between muttering, “just trust the pattern,” and “I definitely checked my gauge,” I decided to check the most obvious thing.  I counted my stitches… and then realised I was about 80 short.  HUGEST FOREHEAD SLAP EVER. Turns out that I missed the second last increase round which  SIGNIFICANTLY jacked everything up. 

So that’s what I’ve been doing for the last week.  Fixing this muck up.  It’s not all bad.  I’m finally back to where I was last Wednesday which is kind of like a metaphor for my life right now.  The upside is that the weather has been kind of nice and I’ve been trying to get back to ten thousand steps so I’ve been taking my knitting to the park as much as possible.  I remember when 10k steps was my lunch hour achievement.  Boy did I take that for granted. 

The other day it randomly occurred to me that my weight has fluctuated 50 pounds in the last ten years. Granted I’m measuring from the lowest part of a whole year of hard dieting on weight watchers to now, 20 of those has been in the last nine months and there has been some extenuating circumstances but, even still, that’s a big number to make peace with.  Part of me is actually really trying to make peace with it. Between doctors appointments and recovering from doctors appointment there is a very small window of time (and window of strength) that I can make any real attempts at exercise… or do something I actually want to do, like craft.  Usually it’s a split.  Knitting in the park is the reward for making it to the park. 

Part of me really wants to go back to my pre accident weight which was 20 pounds more than my ideal body weight but it was the one that I had made peace with.  It was the I-use-all-of-my-time-effectively-exercise-regularly-eat-reasonably-healthy weight and I loved it.  It was the point where I knew that I was doing all that I could do manage it and be an actual productive person who lives a well-rounded life.  I think the problem right now, is that I don’t feel that way at all.  I don’t feel productive and I feel like well-rounded is just the shape I’m turning into.  I’m trying not to fixate because there are other priorities to contend with.

In other knit news, one of my friends has recently returned back to knitting and when she asked me what to do with her fade kit I said, “Find your Fade?” and then I said, “maybe I’ll do it with you.” So for what feels like the dozenth time I’m finding my fade again.  The last time I chose my colours I deliberately took a picture so that I wouldn’t have to go through the decision making process again but I didn’t count on acquiring additional yarn since then.  Once again, I’ve laid out all of the yarn and a few times each day I stand over them and try to get them to speak to me.  Our cast on day was last Sunday so I definitely have some catching up to do.  Once I make those decision I will share with you, as I always do.

That’s it for me for this week.  Until we speak again PEACE to you and yours and as always happy knitting.

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So I’m pretty new to “real” knitting with nice yarn and I’m wondering what the heck you mean by “find your fade”. Sure I can google it and I will buy the question seems like a great opportunity to connect with you. I also live in Ottawa (now I wish I had double checked that you are indeed in Orleans…and that I haven’t mixed you up with someone else…


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