Summer in September & Big Shawl Knitting

Summer in September & Big Shawl Knitting

How's it going everyone? It's Wednesday again!  I always marvel at how fast these roll around.  Every week I say this is the week that I get the blog post done BEFORE Wednesday.  Guess how well that's working out for me?  I cut myself slack because I usually start thinking about it on Sunday and writing it in my head is still technically writing it, right?

Today is definitely a get things done day.  I went to bed knowing that today was going to be action packed and I was so stressed about it I actually planned ahead.  I packed my bag AND ironed my shirt before I went to bed and I must have had some amazing sleep because I was super alert when my alarm went off and my first thought was, "Wait.  What was I supposed to do today?" Don't worry.  It all came back to me pretty quickly after that.

This morning when I woke up I also noticed that I was cold and it was dark and I immediately thought to myself, “It’s September.  Make sure you dress warmly!” Today in Toronto it’s supposed to be a cool 42 degrees outside with the humidity.  I was cold because in the middle of the night I got so warm I cranked the A/C all the way up.  


I feel like September has gotten a bad rep from the times that we live in.  She just wants to be Summer and we keep trying to make her Fall. When do kids go back to school? In the Fall.  When is Pumpkin Spiced Latte day? In the Fall. So untrue!  Also, PSL day was actually on August 28th this year instead of September 1.  Everyone is just jumping the gun around here! I’ve decided to side with September on this one.  The UGGS that I’ve been eyeing up recently are getting pushed to the back of the closet for another month, at least. Someone posted “happy first day of Fall!” on social media and, I’m not going to lie, I unfollowed them.  September and I don’t need that kind of negativity in our lives.

The one concession that I’m making is big shawl knitting and that’s only because big shawl knitting takes time.  I have a shameful secret to admit.  I signed up for Joji Locatelli’s Fall KAL.  I’m only ashamed because I literally, just last week, committed myself to my Find Your Fade shawl and now I feel like I’m cheating on it with Slow Curves.  I`ve told them both that there`s enough of me for both of them but, in my heart, I`m not sure if that`s true.  What if I end up loving one of them more than the other? I don’t know if I’ve got the time for a two shawl love triangle. Putting a 10 skein dent in my stash makes it pretty tempting to want to try though.  


The other day Ashley and I were discussing preliminary Christmas plans.  This year she might make sweaters for the girls so I thought I might take a break and not give out knit gifts this year.  And then Hunter Hammersen released the Scintillation pattern.  These little stars have been making me nuts.  They are so adorable and so perfect for stocking stuffers and ornaments. Right now the pattern is being discounted by 10% with code SPARKLE and I’m really, really tempted.  I’m using the fact that, during Joji’s KAL promotion when I purchased the Slow Curves pattern, Ravelry politely reminded me that I have other patterns of hers in my favourites and I also bought her Lemongrass pattern with no idea when I plan on knitting that.  I know I’m in a losing battle with my willpower on this one but as far as I can tell I have two more days to pretend like I’m not going to buy the pattern before the code expires.  Also Hunter just launched a KAL for these with a schedule and prizes soon to be announced.  If you’re interested click here for the link to the Ravelry discussion board.

That’s it for me for this week.  By next Wednesday I will have returned from the Almonte Fibre Festival, hopefully without too much damage to my wallet.  Until then PEACE to you and your and happy knitting!


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What is the name of the pattern for the shawl in the last photo? And what yarn is shown with it? Thank you


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