RSBSY Summer!

RSBSY Summer!

Guys it's June 21st already!  I feel as though this month has skipped right by me.  Today is always a little bittersweet for me, it's the first day of summer but it's also the first day after the summer solstice.  This morning my mom said, "happy first day of summer!" and I had to remind myself that it isn't winter as yet and the days hadn't yet shortened to five hours long.  We, in fact, have at least two months of glorious weather in front of us and there's tons of things to look forward to.  

(Paige trying on her Flax Light sweater knit in the Rad colour way in our Singleton yarn.  She was a great sport, modelling a 100% Merino wool sweater in 35 degree weather. Have you seen a cuter kid? That smile just melts my heart.)

I know this because I spent last weekend covered in yarn while Ashley and I prepped for the beginning of our show season.  We spent most of Saturday on the patio getting our samples knit up and, after the kids went to bed, elbow deep in dye pots and marathoning through season 2 of Bones.  We did manage to get some planning done at the same time.  Ash sent me home with tons of yarn and four projects that I need to bang out before the end of August. 

You guys should probably know that I'm a cast-on junkie (don't judge, I know you are too!) so I'm thoroughly excited to get my needles going.  That being said, I have to admit to being especially excited about two projects that I can't wait to get started.  First, of course, is our awesome #RSBSYSUMMERKAL2016 which launches on July 1st and runs until August 31st, 2016.  If you don't know about it, it probably means you haven't signed up for our newsletter, which you should definitely do.  How're you gonna feel if you miss out on a chance to win one of our fabulous KAL prizes?  This time around we're knitting the Wildflower & Honeycomb socks by Olivia Villarreal AKA This Handmade Life.  From June 15th to July15th, Olivia is offering 50% off of the pattern to our KAL participants.  Visit our Ravelry thread for the coupon code.


The second thing I'm really excited about is getting started on my first shawl design.  I've got a bunch of our new mini's to play with and tons of ideas.  Do I know what I'm doing? Not at all.  I figure I'm just gonna wing it, take tons of pics and make lots of notes.  Hopefully, I come away with something that works and a few hilarious stories to tell you guys.  

Until next week, happy knitting!!!


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