Surprise Party Shawl by Helen Stewart

Surprise Party Shawl by Helen Stewart

Hey guys, 

Welcome back!  Ash and I had an awesome weekend last weekend!  I decided that it was unfair that I didn't get March break any more and decided to take an extended weekend to Ottawa to visit the fam! I even made it down early enough to have an impromptu knit night with a couple of friends that I don't get to see nearly often enough.  We had a blast!  We ate some amazing food and I learned the hard way that gin and tonic should never be mixed with knitting.  I cast on the second mitten of my Log Cabin Mitts and realised too late that the spiral of the logs flips directions after the centre and had to purl the next couple logs to prevent a weird gap.  I'm definitely going to have to try this pattern again (sans gin) to find out exactly where I went awry.  In any case,  both mitts are done and blocked and the ends are in the process of being woven in.  (To be honest, that was supposed to be yesterday's project but the train rides in and out of Toronto were so comfy, I managed to get two solid naps in.)

All of this gets away from the real point of today's blog, which is THIS BEAUTY:

Our friend and sample knitter Donna of Old Soul Knit Works delivered this beauty on Friday and Ashley and I are completely in love.  I have to admit that these are not the colours that I normally migrate towards.  Bring me my blues, my purples, and my pinks but for this shawl I will make an exception.  I almost told Ashley I would need one for myself but after all of the "Maybe this one. Nope maybe that one." that I've been tormenting her with, I felt like I might be pushing my luck.

I did however immediately pounce on the opportunity to do my first ever shawl shoot with Ash.  We took tons of beautiful pictures but trying to do the shawl justice was pretty challenging.  Donna knit this with just over one and a half skeins of Cashmerino in our Sangria colourway and five mini`s from our Mystery Sock Drawer sets and with so much beautiful texture already built into this pattern it was hard to catch it all.  Nevermind the fact that after Ash soaked her she blocked out to this enormous beauty that could almost wrap around you twice.  We`re already looking forward to showing her off during our coming show season! 


If you`re interested in making your own, the final yarn tally for this shawl looks like this:


Sangria – 178 grams

Avocado – 13 grams

Fabulous – 13 grams

Brownie Batter – 15 grams

Rain Cloud – 9 grams

Cabernet – 14 grams


That`s it for me for this week but definitely come back to see what we`re up to next weekend.  One more week until my big trip to India and I have knit decisions to make and travel research to do and I want to tell you all about it!  Until we speak again, PEACE to you and your family and happy knitting! XOXO


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