This Potter is not like the others!

This Potter is not like the others!

I would like to start this post by thanking all those who have signed up for the last club installment of 2016! I am so happy to see our clubs growing in size after each subscription period and cannot wait to see what 2017 brings. This Fall Installment will be full of magic and mystery hopefully lol. Chantal and I have been  HP fans since the books first came out and have been dying to join in on the fantastic HP yarn themes that are out there.

The month of September is inspired by the overwhelming desire that Albus Potter has to be different from his celebrity father. By being sorted into a different house then his entire family there seems to be a sense of despair and melancholy about Albus that I feel was often felt by the reader when reading the first book. I wonder if Albus realizes that the more he tries to distant himself from his father and family the more he is becoming more like his father. I am very interested to see what is to come for the troubled Mr. Albus Potter.



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