Wednesday Wanderings

Wednesday Wanderings

I have had a hard time focusing lately and I am not quite sure why; possibly the unpredictable weather, the start o the holiday season being so close, or maybe it the changing daylight schedule. Whatever it is, I am feeling slightly at odds so I thought I would just share thoughts with you all this Wednesday and maybe it will become my thing. A safe place for me to share my wandering thoughts in the hopes that it helps organize them slightly. 

1) I am not meant to be a monogamous knitter.  This has become quite apparent lately as I am trying to knit a sweater that is a requested gift by my father. I am loving this said sweater but every time I pick it up I can't help but think of all the other things I want to be knitting or even sewing but I feel like this is just not possible with the holiday gift deadline I have. Oh I cannot wait for it to be done so i can take pictures, package it up and then share it with you all. There is a slight chance the gift receiver reads this blog so mums the word at this point. 

2) This change in weather has me dreaming of all the hand knit hats, mittens, and slippers I want to make for myself and the kids. Then I am quickly reminded that our accessory bins are over flowing and there really isn't a need for more hats and mitts (I do need slippers for myself) so do I really need to put energy into this area right now? I want to say yes but then John went and organized the said bins and man oh man there are a lot of hats! Here are some of my current favs (see my Ravlery Bundle for more inspiration)

3) Holiday plans! Have any of you started making lists and checking them twice? I am struggling with what I want to cook for Christmas dinner, what gifts need to be bought for the kids (and all the other people who stay at our place for the holidays), how much do I need to get in the spirits and wine category, etc. The lists need to be made so I can keep sane and possibly delegate some of the shopping this year. he first thing I will tackle this year is sewing up this adorable advent calendar I bought from Fabrications and I need to purchase all the treats to fill it with - our little Elf on the Shelf, Birdie, is due to arrive very soon and she always brings advents with her - this years will be the best yet, or at least I think so. 

Thank you all for listening to the wanderings of my mind this week, I am off to make good on those lists and hopefully get started on a finished object post for you all this Friday. 

Happy making,

Ashley xo


reminder:  In celebration of gift knitting season all patterns are 25% off with coupon code: NovSale in my Ravelry Store.

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