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Welcome back all my lovely readers! I am happy to report that I did make good on those lists I mentioned in the last wanderings post. The gift shopping is well underway, the advent calendar has been finished and hung much to the girls' delight.

Our house is full of Christmas cheer as we finished the decorating last weekend and this makes me sooo happy. I am a girl who loves the warmth and cheer that holiday decorations provide. I think it has to do with all the twinkling lights and warm beverage drinking :)

The weather here has been warmish as of late but seems to have taken a turn towards chilly which is quite normal for December. Can you all believe that it is already December and there is only 4 more Fridays until Christmas!! The weeks are flying by here and the knitting has pretty much stopped (this is not good for that gift knitting I mentioned in the past). I am hoping the evenings start to slow down now that the kids' activities are coming to an end for the holiday season so I can get a start on the holiday baking and continue the holiday making. 

My top priorities on the making front are as follows:

1) Finish the current gift wip that needs to be done and blocked and ready for a trip to southern ontario in early January.

2) A quilted Christmas tree skirt that is 2 or maybe 3 years in the making! This one is almost done; I have a bit more quilting to do and then the binding (this seems like maybe 2 nights of work). Since the tree is up and our other skirt is now circling the play room tree I need to get this done so i don't have to stare at the ugly tree stand!

3) Christmas cookies!!! Need I say more haha. If you have a fav recipe I would love to hear about it. We are big fans of soft vanilla sugar cookies, shortbread bites, and butter tart bars (or Dream Bars in this house). 

Some shop news for you all:

  • Christmas Yarn is available in the shop and is ready to ship - click here
  • We will be hosting a Pop-Up holiday party with our Friend Gina on Dec 6th - check out our Facebook page for more info if you are in the Ottawa Area
  • All orders placed in the online shop after Dec 20th will be processed in the new year (Jan 6th) - I am going to take some much needed rest time with the family.
  • I am proud to announce that we are a sponsor for the Knit City Montreal event happing in March 2020 - info here

Alright enough from me, I need to head to the post office and get some groceries. Talk to you all again soon!

Happy making,

Ashley, xo

 P.S. if there are topics you would love to see on the blog please let me know

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I too am behind and what did I do. Cast on. Another. So for recipes I have shared a shortbread one that a friend lent me. Good luck to us both.
Here’s the recipe:
2c all purpose flour
3/4 tsp salt
1 c Crisco
4-5 tbsp icy cold water

Combine flour and salt. Cut in Crisco with a pastry blender until mixture is the size of large peas and fairly uniform. Do not overwork. Add water 1 tablespoon at a time mixing with a fork gently until it clings together. Chill for 1/2 hour or so then divide in 2 and roll out on a floured surface.

Marcia Parker

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