What to do about those remnants?

What to do about those remnants?

Hey guys,

How’s the week treating you so far?  Part of me can’t believe it’s Wednesday already, the other part is READY FOR THE WEEKEND.  This morning I realised that we’re already halfway through July already!  This realisation came from waking up at 5am and noticing that the sky wasn’t quite as bright as it was a couple of weeks ago.  I always feel like I’m the first person to notice when the days are getting longer and the first one to notice when they’re getting shorter as well.  Long days are my bliss.  I know I’m not the only one who feels like they get twice as much accomplished in a summer day than in a winter one. 


Since we last spoke I’ve been fervently working on my Baby Vertebrae, occasionally pausing to wonder why this one looks so much bigger than the others that I’ve knit.  Not having kids of my own, baby gear sort of baffles me.  I’m always trying to figure out the right size for the right season and guess how big the baby may or may not be around the time they’re going to be using whatever it is that I’ve bought or made. 


(I made this!!! Can you tell I'm super proud of it?) 

I was hoping to have the Vertebrae finished by today but I’ve been crazy busy prepping for my friend’s daughter’s one month birthday celebration.  In the end, I was satisfied that the Raindrops pullover that I did finish managed to get it’s ends woven in and blocked in time.  To be honest, I’m so in love with this colour combo I’m half tempted to keep it for a few months just so that we can show it off at Fibre Spirit in Barrie in August and in Almonte in early September.  I’m also doing a pattern search to figure out which grown up pattern I can use it for to make something for myself.  Don’t tell Ash.  I still haven’t cast on my Sparkle Cardigan I said I was going to make at the end of April.  Worse than that, I’m immediately casting on another Vertebrae as soon as this one is done.  While trying to choose colours for this one I pulled out a whole bunch of remnants and a few of them have triggered my imagination.  I also feel great about using up some of my remnants.


With my craft room ever expanding, using things up has become a new obsession of mine.  I’ve been combing through my Ravelry favourites for new projects that I can spend these remnants on.  So far it’s looking like two dozen log cabin mittens are in my near future but they are some great patterns that I’ve found.  The Vivid blanket by Tincanknits is definitely looking promising, particularly because it can be knit in any gauge.  There’s also the Ten Stitch Blanket that I found for the first time when I was a brand new knitter and was far too intimidated to believe that I could pull it off.  I found it again just recently and not only do I definitely feel better about my skill level, I’m pretty sure I can churn that baby out.  I think the one thing that keeps me for doing these larger remnant projects is that I`m deeply intimidated by the thought of weaving in all of those ends.  What are some tips and tricks that you guys have found helpful when handling lots of ends?  If you’ve got any, please share! I’d also love to hear what other projects you’ve used your remnants for!


That’s it for me for this week.  Until we speak again, PEACE to you and yours and happy knitting!

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I always weave in my ends at the end. My biggest project had 102 ends to weave in but it was such a fun colourfull knit and I love it (the glass of wine also helped ☺). The pattern is ‘Among the Clouds’ by RhyFlowerKnits. It was a great way to use stash from past projects. Too warm to wear now but it will be cold again soon enough ♥

Nathalie Loiselle

Weave your ends in as you knit! Take the new tail and weave it over and under the working yarn to hide the ends. I tend to stagger between rows to be sure they stay.

Marcia Parker

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