WIP it. WIP it good!

WIP it. WIP it good!

As you guys all know ASH AND I ARE ON VACATION!! WOOHOO!!!  How excited are you for us? Lol,  I can feel the hard eye rolls from here.  

As per usual I have left my packing to the absolute last moment.  The funny thing is I never think of it as 'having not packed'.  As far as I'm concerned if the laundry is washed and dried everything else is a technicality.  Really what's the difference between the dryer and my backpack? None at all, I say.

The truth is I put more thought into how I'm going to keep myself entertained on vacation than I do on what I'm going to wear. That's because I have a very standard look:

Morning: Jogging pants 
Day: Tights 
Night: Jogging pants.  

All paired with t-shirts. If I don't have to go out we skip the tights altogether and when I'm home alone we just don't do pants.  I like to keep it simple.  

Keeping myself entertained is a whole different matter.  Gotta make sure the Netflix downloads are taken care of, the books are loaded, the spare batteries fully charged, the snacks are planned and organized and absolutely, most importantly, the knitting is ready to go.  Gotta make sure there's the primary knitting project, the secondary one and the back up, just in case.

These occasions are always a great opportunity to run through the WIP's and try to figure out what I can bang out.  I have to admit that these moments are not wholly without a bit of guilt though.  Guilt for the truly excessive amount of yarn I've managed to accumulate in a relatively short window of time, for all of the projects I've started and not thought about since the last time I pulled them out and for the crazy disarray that I've got the whole lot in.  One day I'm going to write a blog post about my craft room, which is actually my master bedroom, but I will NEVER, EVER show you a before picture.  Just the after picture, when I've purged half of it, organized the rest nicely, and I'm feeling very Martha Stewart like.

So here's where we are:  A sweater I can't seem to get to the bottom of, another sweater that got shelved because I really can't visualize the pattern, a baby sweater that I began knitting for one cousin and probably won't fit her little sister now, and my remnant socks, which was probably not my greatest idea just because of the unruly knotted mess all these scrap bits of yarn are in.  This is as far down the rabbit hole I was willing to go.  There's also a baby blanket, thrummed mittens and my first shawl design (lol, who was I kidding) at the bottom of these bins but those are projects for a longer break. I don't know.  Seven unfinished WIP's still seems pretty reasonable but I guess I'll have to wait for you guys to tell me what's hiding in your stash.  

What am I going to take with me tomorrow for this weeks vakay?  I'll take the sweater because I really am determined to finish this bad boy SOON,  I'll take the socks as a back up and because none of these options really appeal to me, I think I'll start something new.

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