Sock Yarn Club Subscription - FAQs



Is there a pattern I receive each month with the yarn?

There will not be a dedicated pattern each month. Everyone loves to knit socks differently, and we wouldn’t want to waste your money on something you may or may not use. 

What month will my subscription start with?

Since payment is made approx. two months in advance, ordering after the 9th of the month will push your order to the next month's yarn. For example, if you order after Dec 9th you will receive February's yarn instead of January's. If you order after Jan 9th you will receive March's yarn instead of February's, etc.

Is there other fun notions that will go in these packages?

While we love stitch markers, pins, tins, and all the other knitting goodies, our theme for this sock squad is simple and affordable. Adding something each month raises the cost by almost $10 per month, and that can change the price point for many people to be not so budget friendly.

What colourways can we expect?

All new ones! Each month we will be creating a new colourway specific to the 'theme' of the month. We will hit every colour of the rainbow! Some months will be speckles, some tonals, and some variegated. This surprise is the fun part!




I just ordered some other stuff, can I combine shipping with my sock squad yarn?

We cannot combine any shipping with Sock Squad. We are a small business with limited resources, this means that shipping and handling is done by one or two people. Having extra add ons complicates things beyond what we can manage. So sorry!

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

Shipping is priced depending on what carrier you use and where you are located. We suggest putting the Club in your cart and act as if you are checking out to see what the pricing looks like.

I have moved, how do I changed my address?

Any changes you need to make on your account (address, credit cards) you can do by logging into your RSBSY account and clicking on 'My Subscriptions.' Your address WILL NOT change under accounts only. Please change it in subscriptions.

How can I manage or cancel my subscription?

Log into your account, click ‘My Account’ and then ‘My Subscriptions’. You can cancel anytime.